Being Silent

Have you ever gone hiking with a backpack?

In the backpack is the necessary gear: a few water bottles, a granola bar, bug-repellent wipes, phone and/or camera, perhaps a light jacket. You’ve learned that these are the basics.

At first, you barely notice that you are carrying a load. Around every corner is a new photo opportunity. The scenery unfolds before you in quiet serenity, just what your body and mind require.

Then the trail gets rocky, or less groomed. Sometimes the path becomes only a shadow, and you feel you might be guessing as to where the trail leads.

walking down the road

Since the first of this year, the path of life has felt that way for our family.

Our oldest daughter, mother to our two oldest granddaughters, received a diagnosis of breast cancer. Though life moves forward with work and church, the weight of cancer, surgery, chemo, and radiation impacts everything. Even though it was her battle and she and her doctors conferred on the strategies of treatment, we were her support troops.

Don’t get me wrong! Our community was wonderfully supportive in providing meals, rides, even care for the girls when needed. Even the costly medical treatments were generously supplemented by the local cancer fund.

But just as the backpack gets heavier as the hike gets long, I became weary. My time in the Word of God was just a snack to get me through.

P1060795tree and chapel

Now the treatments to rid her body of cancer are complete.

My body has responded with deep exhaustion. My spirit is craving a feast of God’s Word. I long for solid Bible teaching and fresh insight as I walk through this world.


I’ve learned that I need quiet, not constant noise of radio or TV, to restore my soul.

Congregational window

I’ve discovered that sometimes it is easier to block out issues rather than process them.

waves crashing

God is inviting me to come away with Him, learn from Him, sit as His feet, and soak up His love and healing.

Join me as I unpack the lessons that He is ready to reveal to me.