The Pain of Pruning

Another glorious weekend. The day begged for one to be outside relishing the warm temperatures.
But the calendar reminds us that we are nearing Thanksgiving and the Christmas season. Over the weekend I spent some time with our daughter shopping second-hand stores for fun, and ended up with inspiration for the Christmas tree. Part of the tree will be decorated with dried hydrangeas.
Light green 2015
After clear-coat spraying the blossoms for the tree, I decided to check how to prune the bushes.
Though I learned a lot of gardening skills from my mom, pruning was not one of her strengths. As I cut away, I thought about how hard it was for her to prune back her treasured yellow rose bush. After thirty-some years, the bush had so much dead wood that it failed to bloom and eventually had to be dug out.
imagesyellow rose bush
Pruning takes a lot of trust. Pruning is best for the plant, even though for a while it looks rugged and ugly. But the pruning allows for new growth.
God tells us that he will use the pruning knife in our lives. “He leaves those bearing fruit and carefully prunes them so that they will bear more fruit;” John 15:2 The VOICE

Since I want another summer of large, beautiful, rounded globes of hydrangea blooms, I cut back. Maybe not as much as I could have, but more than I ever have done before.
And I need to lay my life open to the pruning shears of my Vine, my Good Shepherd, My Savior.




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