God’s Dwelling

Grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit sauce. Drilling the week’s memory verse between bites and often in the car for the five miles to “Juniors”. Dad rushing in from the evening milking, flying upstairs to change into church clothes , then out the door with his sandwich in hand. Reciting the verse to one of the adult leaders before “Juniors” singing time was over. Sheila and Tim 1963 This was part of my childhood nearly every week for eight years of elementary grades. And what a treasure it is to have the kernel of Scripture deep in my memory bank. After cleaning out my mother-in-law’s home, I realized that I want to leave a legacy that has more meaning than pretty dishes, antique furniture, embroidered towels, or even family pictures and stories. The legacy I want to leave my children and grandchildren is a strong spiritual foundation, grounded in God’s word. I want them to know that I loved God’s word and no other book was more important to me. (And as a book lover/addict, that’s hoping for a lot perhaps.) altar flowers On New Year’s I issued a family challenge. I selected Psalm 46 because it is a positive psalm, and it has eleven verses, so we get one month off. Though I’m being intentional in spurts, it is more difficult to stick with an entire chapter than I thought it would be. Recently, my morning walks have been intentional Bible memory time. A copied, much folded, unfolded paper is in my jacket pocket. Between praying for my children, their spouses and my grandchildren, I try to say the Scriptures. This week I’m learning Psalm 46:4 & 5 A pure stream flows—never to be cut off— bringing joy to the city where God makes His home, the sacred site where the Most High chooses to live. The True God never sleeps and always resides in the city of joy; He makes it unstoppable, unshakable. (Psalm 46:4,5) The Psalmist was referring to the city of Jerusalem, and until this week, that is how I read it, interpreted it, and brushed it off as lovely words. altar However, as I have gone over it, trying to recite it without looking or hesitating, the Holy Spirit revealed that it is a personal promise. One of those verses I learned and recited on a Sunday night came back to me. “Don’t you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who comes from God and dwells inside of you?” 1 Corinthians 6:19 Paul tells us that God lives inside of us. And the Psalmist says that is a sacred site where the Most High chooses to live. So there is a pure stream of joy that can’t be cut off from my life, for God lives in me and has chosen to dwell there. Even when I need to sleep, He never does and because of His presence and His joy, I am unstoppable, unshakeable.  Wow! Isn’t that amazing? When I can truly believe that, I tingle all the way down to the tips of my toes. Suddenly, Psalm 46 is exciting. Though it refers to Jerusalem, it also means ME. A constant stream of joy. The place God makes His home. Unstoppable. Unshakeable. Humbling. What a might God!


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