For the Weary Mom

Though it is cool this morning, the frost did not settle on the tender buds of trees, tiny sprouts of corn and soybeans that lay in neat rows down the soggy soil, or deaden the blossoms on my prairie orchids -iris. After nearly ten days of misty, dreary skies, and much needed rainfall, the glorious gleam of sunshine brightens rooms, colors, and attitudes.


But this morning a friend’s post reminded me that there is something more important than our fields and flowers. There is the matter of our sons’ and daughters’ eternal destiny.

Jesus said that He is the way, the truth, and the life. And I believe that His word is true.

That said, there is no sweeter gift for a mother than to hear her child confess their faith in God, and make choices that align with the wisdom and teachings of Jesus.

Conversely, no burden weighs down a heart heavier than a life spent running from those truths.

And as much as we realize that our child has free will, and we say that we let go, there is a niggling within us that questions. Did I cause them to stumble? Did my imperfections prevent the Holy Spirit from wooing their heart? Did I fail to pray enough? Why did we…..? Or why didn’t we….?

I don’t have answers.

And I write from a place of blessing as my daughters and their families love and walk in harmony with God.

But I remind you of God’s words of comfort and hope.

God is big enough to overcome our failures. With Saul of Tarsus, out on a mission to destroy those who believed in Jesus, God blinded him to get his attention.

God continues to call throughout our lives. Though Moses was saved in a basket of bulrushes as a baby, he ran for his life after murdering a slave driver. Moses was nearly eighty years old before he paused to notice the bush that was not consumed. He stopped, listened, and obeyed God’s call after all those years.

God wants us to ask, to seek, and promises that we will find. Mary and Joseph must have felt overwhelmed for much of their lives as the mother and father of the promised Messiah. But they listened to His voice and obeyed His call, even when it was uncomfortable and out of the way down to Egypt.

And our prayers are always heard. The prayer Jesus spoke over his disciples before his arrest continues to flow out into the cosmos for all disciples. And not Jesus’ prayer alone.

Peter and Paul both recorded prayers in their letters that continue to be effective in the world.

And worried mother, anxious father, look up. Take courage. Continue praying.

Prayer is a bridge from the visible to the unseen, from time to the realm in which there is no time, from the physical to the spiritual.

with sunset

Once your prayer is released, it continues on and on. Like a pebble thrown into a still lake, the ripples expand and affect leaves on the edge of the pond long after the stone is lost to sight.

So, dear friend, have faith. Keep praying. Keep trusting that God is not yet finished with your child.

Climb up in your father’s lap and rest.

Feel His heartbeat.

Know that He loves you.

Look for little signs of His protection.

Breathe in His fragrance.

Laugh in His presence.





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