Jesus as Savior

Christ in the garden

In spite of a betrayal, he healed the servant’s severed ear.

In spite of an unfair arrest, he submitted to the soldiers.

In spite of lies and false accusations, he remained silent.

In spite of Peter’s betrayal, he still loved Peter.

In spite of Pilate’s spineless verdict, Jesus’ spine was flayed open with the whipping.

In spite of the jeering soldiers, Jesus allowed their taunting, the purple robe, the thorny crown.

In spite of his weakened physical condition, he carried the crossbeam on his bleeding back, until he fell beneath it.


In spite of the spikes tearing into his flesh, he suffered silently.

In spite of the effort of each breath, he said what needed to be said.

In spite of every reason in the world to be focused on his suffering, he still took responsibility for the care of his mother.

In spite of being one with the Father, he carried all of my sin, all of your sin, the sin of the whole world for every generation on his being.

In spite of betrayal, brokenness, denial, and death, the grave could not hold him.


The Lamb who was slain is seated on the throne.


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