Lenten Series: Boys and Girls for Jesus

In the hip-roof farm house in which I grew up, the front porch opened into the kitchen. The gray Formica-and-chrome table doubled as the prep counter, sewing center, business desktop, homework station, and card-and-game-playing center. Part of the reason was one corner of the kitchen housed the oil burner, making the kitchen was the warmest room in the house from October through April.


On a high shelf on the small wall between the door to the utility room and the doorway to the pantry/basement trap door was our one radio. In the morning it was tuned to the local radio station for news and interviews of people in the community, as well as the obituaries. After that, unless it was a stormy, blizzard day, the station was changed to KFNW, a Christian radio station with a mostly reliable signal, at least for that on that shelf.


My mom listened to Back to the Bible broadcast, Chapel of the Air, Unshackled, and The Sugar Creek Gang. On Saturday morning, there was programming for children.

The program I best remember was the Children’s Bible Hour with Aunt Bea. “Boys and Girls for Jesus” was the theme song enthusiastically sung by the children’s choir. Each week one or two specials would be shared, followed by a short interview with a member of the choir.  When “Little Marci” would sing, it was so cute! Then the choir would sing “Tell me a story, tell me a story, tell me a story, Aunt B…..” and a radio drama would unfold.

Aunt B

When I was about twenty-three, Aunt B came to Fargo, and my parents invited to take me and my two little girls. It was a highlight to meet Aunt B in person, and she looked just as I’d imagined that she would.

Hearing this song every week, and singing it from the tire swing between Saturdays, wove the message of Jesus being with me all the time deep into the fabric of my heart.

Won’t you tell others what Jesus means to you?


Boys and girls for Jesus—this, our earnest prayer.

Boys and girls for Jesus—at home, at school, at play, and everywhere.

We’ll tell the world of life in Jesus; He is all our song.

There is all you need in Jesus; won’t you come along?


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