Five Minute Friday – BELONG

Deep within my spirit is a longing to belong, to know that I am special, to know that I am loved.

While my parents loved me and provided for many of my needs and desires, their human love was imperfect and failed to assuage the gnawing hunger in my heart.

Even after accepting Jesus as a little girl and knowing in my head that I belonged to Him, the devil used my tender sensitivities and insecurities to keep me focused on my feelings and longings.

Sheila and Tim 1963

I thought popularity would easy my desire to belong. But no amount of popularity helped, since there was always someone else who had more than I did.

I tried being “needed” and put too much on my plate, so that people would pay attention to me. All that did was make me tired, cranky and less-than-available to mother my daughters.

God kept me in His care, and even allowed me to choose an addiction that nearly ruined my life.

Through the grace of my husband, my family, some old friends and some new friends, God showed me that I belonged to Him just because.


No popularity required.

No performance expected.

I just belonged to Him.


5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – BELONG

  1. Thank you for sharing. While reading I was reminded of myself, the need for belonging. You have written so beautifully, intentionally and revealingly. Have a beautiful day belonging to our Lord for this day.


  2. You always seem to hit some of the very issues I have experienced in my life. You are a wonderful writer.


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