Road Markers

Can you imagine living in a world without written words, where everything you wanted/needed to know was passed down by oral tradition?

Bible & tea cup

This is the world of the Psalmist, who sums up Israel’s history of God’s work in these “songs.”

Beginning with Psalm 105, the people are instructed to act. And last on the list is to REMEMBER.

REMEMBER the wonders He has performed,

his miracles,

the rulings He has given.

In 1900, a man and his wife went to the doctor concerning a lump in the wife’s breast. When the doctor told them about the treatment plan, they had one comment: Will treatment endanger the life of our unborn baby?

Upon hearing that it would likely end the pregnancy, they made the choice to delay treatment until after the baby was born.

Following the baby’s birth on July 24, 1900, and a short recovery, the mom, her twelve-year old daughter and the baby went two hundred miles from home to begin treatment. They remained there until Christmas Eve, ready to ride the train home to their family.

However, the woman died in the train station, leaving her daughter with a 6 month old baby to care for along with the body of her mother.

That courageous woman was my great-grandmother, and her story is part of my story, since her choice made possible the life of my grandfather, my father and me.


Later, in 1932, a scrawny, squalling baby girl was born to a couple who had already buried four daughters. When the baby refused to nurse or take a bottle at six weeks, the mother’s eight brothers would come over to take turns feeding the baby with a teaspoon, so their sister would not have to put another baby into an infant grave.

That baby was my mother, so her uncles made their sister smile, and impacted many other lives. When my mom grew up, she became a teacher as well as “Mom” to my brother and two sisters.

When I was six, I attended a gospel concert in a small-town church. A few weeks later, the artist was killed in a plane crash, causing me to ask Mom a few questions, and kneel by her bed and ask Jesus into my heart.

Later, after several years in addiction, I stood at the back of the church, sick of my sin, but honest enough to know I wasn’t ready to repent. My prayer was simple, “God, make me want to change.”

God answered that prayer, but the road back wasn’t easy. We lost friends who judged us or were unwilling to forgive.

But God gave us other friends, one who sent us the song “God Will Make a Way,” others who included us in their social circle.

These are some of the markers in my history that recall the working of God, just as the psalmist did for the people of Israel.


How have you seen God’s hand in your life or the life of your family?

How has God taught you to walk by faith?


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