Five-Minute Friday Release

This is my first “Five-Minute Friday” where hundreds of writers link-up about one topic and write for five minutes.  Hope you enjoy these reflections.


What kinds of release have you experienced?

-the release of the hands from the keyboard

-The release of your daughter into the care of the man she said “Yes” to for the rest of her life.

-the release of that toddler who depends on your finger not for balance but for extra confidence

-the release of guilt following confession

-the release of a loved one as they walk through the valley of the shadow of death

And what results from release?

-beautifully shaped musical phrases


-the joy of another family member and grandbabies


-the independence of a child born to do the work the Father prepared beforehand


-the overflowing cleansing flood of the blood of Jesus


-rejoicing with them when they finally wake up in heaven




12 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday Release

  1. Dear Sheila…Just hopped over here from Michelle’s blog. I like your writing.
    Ah yes…Release. Currently, I just helped a best friend release her daughter to God, through that most horrible of experience…death. What a terrible time, having to say “good-bye for now” to her 32-year- old. I also know the trepidation of releasing my granddaughter’s hand as she toddles, precariously, on uneven ground. So headstrong and determined, yet still in need of a steadying grasp should she stumble.
    Release of a daughter, 4 years ago, to a man who claims he loves her more than I do. 🙂 And, right now, releasing my Dad to his death sentence of pancreatic cancer. Have struggled for years in my non ‘relationship’ with him, but greatly saddened at his illness. Not sure what to do, what to say. He does not know Christ. Release of any kind is so difficult for us humans, but oh, when we finally do, there is no sweeter release, for us, of pain, sorrow, fear, trepidation. God is always good.


    • Thank you for the encouraging words.

      There is no pain like releasing a child to eternity, as I’m watching a friend struggle through that process.

      My sweet mother-in-law is walking a similar road toward death, and even with a strong faith, and a good relationship, it is not an easy place. I will keep your father in my prayers.

      God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.


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