Faith of our Fathers

I’m participating in an on-line Bible study of Galatians the next few weeks.  Since one of our assignments was a “creative” post, I’m sharing what I wrote on my blog this week.


They met Him in the garden

Beauty, order, peace

Tempted to be “like God”

Falling, hiding, joyless

Attempting to reach the heavens

Misunderstanding, disorder, chaos

“Let’s begin again with Noah”

Ark-building, ridicule, a remnant

“We need a chosen race, Abram”

Called out, set apart, obedience

Wrestling with God, Isaac,

Out-of-joint, humbled, limping….

Foreshadow the redeemer in Joseph

Interpreting dreams, storing food, salvation from starvation

Enslaved by jealous Pharaoh,

Back-breaking labor, heart-wrenching infanticide, lamenting

“Be my spokesman, Moses”

Plagues, miracles, wandering

“Conquer the peoples and take your inheritance, Joshua”

The Lord of Nations, talking donkeys, land for the tribes

Judges, prophets….”We want a king”

Discontent, disobedient, displaced…

Promised Messiah,

Rescue, restore, rebuild

“That the Scriptures be fulfilled”

Blind, resistant, murdering


Resurrection and ascension

The Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, thousands saved

Peter’s vision, Paul’s call to mission

Not just to Israel, but to the Gentile, the unclean

When His people turned away

New mission, new people, new life

What if I turn away ….


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